SAFE Solutions is a high-performance brand that incorporates speciality products such as metal working fluids, food grade lubricants and grease, industrial chemicals, mineral and synthetic industrial oils and industry leading greases.

SAFE Industrial – offers various mineral and synthetic industrial lubricants such as hydraulic oil, PAO and PAG synthetic industrial gear oils, vacuum pump oil etc.

SAFE Food Grade – offers NSF registered food grade certified lubricants and grease to ensure your food processing and packaging plant is well maintained. SAFE Food Grade is available in mineral and synthetic base oils and consist of aluminium complex and calcium sulfonate greases to meet the needs of every application.

SAFE Metal Working – is a premium range of neat cutting and soluble metal working fluids. Our range ensures that you requirement for any metal and application is met. Drawing Oils, Forming Oils, De-Watering Fluids and Slideway Oils compliment the SAFE Metal Working range to ensure enhanced product productivity and a premium finish to all parts.

SAFE Grease – consists of all your traditional lithium and calcium-based greases but also  high-performance products incorporating Calcium Sulfonate thickeners and synthetic base oils to ensure high performance and extended maintenance intervals.

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